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Square Enix Reportedly ‘A Little Nervous’ About Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Pre-Orders



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We’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy 16 now at various preview events, and as we’ve described in previous articles, we believe it’s going to be a real hit. game of the year Contenders, however, have begun to rumble a bit that Square Enix is ​​worried about the release’s pre-order numbers – despite an aggressive marketing campaign that has seen producer Naoki Yoshida around the world and plenty of gameplay footage shared with fans. have been done

Writing as part of a patreon Post, journalist Imran Khan gave a little behind-the-scenes insight into what he heard: “I heard recently that Square Enix is ​​getting a little nervous about the pre-order numbers for Final Fantasy 16, which is also behind Final Fantasy 15. are tracking Fewer launch platforms,” ​​he wrote, before stressing that pre-orders are only indicative of guaranteed day sales, and “the actual numbers could blow everyone away”.

This comes after the publisher, strangely, decided to provide some unexpected updates on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth this week. “I wonder if they want to remind people of Final Fantasy 7 being the next chapter in the remake trilogy and give it more marketing time than they planned,” Khan added. “Initial sales of the remake were pretty good, but it dropped off faster than Square Enix expected, so I imagine they really want to sell the remake as much as possible.”

This follows an interview Yoshida gave to a Japanese online talk show Weekly Height where he joked that he “wouldn’t want to see first week sales for Final Fantasy 16”. He was talking specifically about the Japanese market, and said he had “laid out a plan for sales that will last 18 months.” He continued, as translated by Reddit: “I took a simple approach to trying to get the shop to convince gamers to get Final Fantasy 16 with their PS5 purchase.”

We feel that the reviews are going to have a huge impact on Final Fantasy 16’s sales, as it’s launching in the shadow of some big titles, such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Diablo 4. There’s no question that Square Enix is ​​banking on development for the series outside of Japan, and Sony’s marketing muscle should help the release find new fans in Western territories. But it will be interesting to see if it can live up to the publisher’s expectations – especially on one platform.


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