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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Dev ‘Really Digs’ PS5’s Next-Gen Controller



Image: Push square

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is shaping up to be a great sequel, and it’s especially being made with new-gen consoles like the PS5. As such, DualSense is set to be a big part of the experience, and director Stig Asmussen — of God of War 3 fame, of course — has actually talked support as part of one. PS blog The interview

“With the PS5, we’re really digging the haptics and what the controller is bringing, and it’s been really fun to see how it works with push and pull. [Force powers]” he revealed. “And A [DualSense] The controller, it feels really good, and we’re taking advantage of that. You’re going to feel it on the triggers when you’re doing the push and pull. If you really [push] On trigger, it’s going to give a different response. Compared to if you’re feathering them lightly, and the game is going to react to that. It’s the subtlety within the vibrations on the controller that’s so cool. Our audio team and our combat team are really dialed in to translate what’s happening in the world, the effects, and how everything feels in your hands.

It’s easy to imagine how the lightsaber’s hum will feel in your hands, but clearly the PS5 is much more than just a pad. Elsewhere, as part of the preview on the PS blog, it’s mentioned that you’ll be able to explore the world with the help of a new flying mount called the Belter, and this will allow you to really appreciate the scale and scope of the environment. will create, which of course, are all rendered in realtime.

We’re very excited by what we’re reading, and believe it’s shaping up to be a good one — especially since it’s building on such strong foundations. But where does it rank on your most wanted list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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