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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PS5 patch out now, promises better performance and crash fixes



@PsBoxSwitchOwner agreed.

I’m actually surprised that PUSHSQUARE is doubling down on justifying their compatibility with mainstream evaluation of the game. Suggesting that the game is “a bit spry at times” is clearly not accurate. Essentially saying the game was horrible the day before the zero patch, so when the patch made it less horrible, we just went ahead and gave it a 9.

A 9 Although the following still occur…

-Framerate fluctuates between 24-60 in performance mode with screen tearing every time.
-Buggy and framerate dipping cutscenes
– Crashing.
-Up to 20 fluctuations in quality mode
– Constant frame time issues.
– Broken HDR implementation.
– Poor visual quality due to weak FSR 2 performance. Includes very few native resolutions that are trying to be scaled. We’re talking at the lower end like sub 700p(p mode), 972p (q mode), sometimes resolutions that rely on FSR to try and upscale to look like 1440 or 4k. Also keep in mind that the end result rarely hits those goals.

This is why visuals appear blurry due to ghosting with significant artifact ING and aliasing. Especially so when any type of activity is in quality mode. It’s also further confirmation that the game was in such an unfinished state that they had to release it with such a low native internal resolution as it runs now. These are just aspects of technical issues and not bugs. This is not a spotty performance.

This is another broken/incomplete product released and sold at full price $70+ as a next gen title.

Quite clearly EA and Respawn have chosen an ideal release date and profit for you. Reviews that have helped it include what turned out to be a very misleading launch stat. Where we had to discover for ourselves or wait several days after technical analysis of the release to find out that the unfinished state of the game might want to be considered before picking it up during the release window.


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