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Survival horror Darkwood delivers the perfect Halloween experience, now available on PS5



Darkwood is a truly terrifying, top-down survival horror game set in a strange, Lovecraftian world where nothing is really as it seems. The title has been re-released as an expanded version on PS5, and is available now.

It’s hard to describe how deep the Darkwood can get under your skin, with the constant threat of the unknown at all times. As you explore the titular forests in the former Soviet bloc, you’ll encounter all kinds of strange characters in search of supplies and precious, precious gasoline.

Because when night falls, and you barricade yourself once more in your cabin against the horrors that loom in the darkness, that crackling old generator and the light that allows it is the only thing that you and the others of the Darkwood have. stands among the inhabitants of the world. These sequences are truly unmatched in terms of tension and legitimately terrifying, and to say too much would spoil the surprise.

The Enhanced version doesn’t reinvent the wheel, adding 4K resolution and DualSense support, but Darkwood’s magic is in its simplicity. If you haven’t already, and if you’re a fan of thoughtful, intelligent horror that doesn’t rely on jump scares to create scares, picking this up is a no-brainer.

Are you looking for a scary game to scare the pants off this Halloween? What do you think of Darkwood? Lock the doors, barricade the windows, and brace yourself for what’s to come in the comments section below.


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