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Synth Riders announced the latest song pack, featuring League of Legends music



It’s no secret that this humble writer loves Synth Riders, with its amazing gameplay and constant supply of new content. This is one of the best games you can get for yourself PlayStation VR Headset! And Kluge Interactive has announced another pack of songs for its excellent Rhythm title, featuring tracks from Riot Games’ most popular songs. League of Legends.

The pack is structured like previous DLC releases, featuring five songs and a more immersive experience. Unlike the last two releases, this League of Legends pack features multiple artists, including K/DA, True Damage, and several guests. With a release date of September 1, 2022, you’ll be able to grab the track pack today. Pricing remains the same as the previous pack, coming in at $7.99, though you can purchase the tracks separately instead.

The tracks you can expect to play this time around are:

  • Legends Never Die – League of Legends (also experience)
  • Other — K/DA
  • Giants – True loss
  • Awakened — League of Legends

Another solid choice. VR rhythm game fans will of course recognize “POP/STARS” as it’s featured in both Beat Saber and Audica. So what do you think? Is this another pack you want to get your hands on? Have you received the latest pack from Kluge Interactive’s title? Sound it out in the comments below.


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