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Synth Riders closes out the year with the Merry Synthms update



It sure feels like we were just talking about Synth Riders, doesn’t it? The Groovin’ Essentials pack launched earlier this month, but the team at Cluj Interactive isn’t content to put things off for the year. No, it still has some more content left before things roll over in 2023.

The Merry Synthmas update is a free update to the game that includes lots of little bits and bobs for everyone to boot and enjoy. First and foremost, the update includes another free song, a synth cover of ‘The Carol of the Bells’ by Dance of the Dead. While the new song is the main highlight of the update, there will also be a new winter theme featuring Santa riding around on his sleigh in the background. Additionally, you’ll be able to start customizing the platforms you’re guessed to stand on while the song plays, featuring some holiday-themed challenges as well as color options and decals to try and out. keep

Finally, the update also brings with it new native language customizations, which is a good thing to see as the game continues to expand its reach to more and more players. The new localizations are Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Which is a fair bit of material given to Kluge just Released a huge update a few weeks ago!


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