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Tekken 8 Direct PS5 captures loads of gameplay footage



Tekken 8 gameplay

A bunch of Tekken 8 press previews have just dropped, ahead of its first public playtest this weekend at Evo Japan. Various gaming publications got their hands on the fighter in development, and overall, things look very promising. While none of these previews contain entirely new information, the actual gameplay impressions are very positive across the board. Tekken 8 apparently feels fantastic to play, thanks to its heavy emphasis on aggression.

The best part about these previews, though? We have just been given load of in-game footage. Both IGN And Gamespot has published video previews that showcase actual matches, complete with health bars and everything else. This is easily our best look at Tekken 8 yet.

The footage features all of the characters that have been confirmed up to this point. This is Jin, Kazuya, Paul, Law, King, Lars, Nina, Jack-8, June and Ling. Tekken fans will be able to pick up a lot of recognizable attacks and combo strings, but it’s safe to say that the new heat system is really going to change the flow of your average Tekken match.

Simply put, Tekken 8 looks great, and again, with its first public playtest over the weekend, it likely won’t be long until we have additional impressions from top players. It’s an exciting time to be a fighting game fan, that’s for sure.

What do you make of Tekken 8 so far? Marvel at those king combos in the comments section below.


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