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The delayed Football Manager 2023 brings a team talk to the PS5 on February 1



Football Manager 2023 was scheduled to make its PlayStation home console debut on the PS5 late last year, but was delayed at the last minute due to a certification issue. Since then, the uber-popular soccer team building title has been hanging in the locker room – but it will finally launch on Sony’s new-gen consoles on February 1.

The latest entry in the series, which is a phenomenon in Europe, will be available with a 20 percent discount. PS Plus Members until 14 February 15:00 GMT. “We’re delighted with today’s update that we’ll finally be able to get Football Manager 2023 into the hands of PS5 gamers,” said Miles Jacobson of developer Sports Interactive. “After the initial delay, the team and our colleagues at SEGA have worked tirelessly with Sony to overcome the issues and we are delighted to now have a release candidate ready for launch next week.”

The title is launching during the real-world winter transfer window, which sees players switch teams. While the developer admits this is unusual – as it can lead to old rosters and lineups on launch day – it is keen to underline that it will deploy a patch immediately to fix this. “Once all global transfer windows have closed, we will provide a data update for the PS5 edition along with updates for all our other platforms,” ​​Jacobson concluded.


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