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The Fall Guys Level Editor launches with the next seasonal update



The developer is Mediatonic An update has been released About its ever-popular battle royale platformer, Fall Guys. The free-to-play game is making some changes to improve the playing experience, and in addition, Fall Guys Creative — a layered editing suite — is coming soon.

Effective immediately, the maximum lobby size in the main Show – Solos playlist has been reduced from 60 to 40 players. The main reason for this change is to reduce the amount of time spent matchmaking, so you should find that you’re getting into games faster. An added bonus effect is that your chances of winning are slightly improved.

Another thing to note is that something called vaulting has to remain a fixture of the flow of the game. The term ‘vaulting’ means Mediatonic only allows certain rounds to be playable over a period of time, with the lineup changing each time. With everything playing at once, it can cause bugs and other problems; Limiting which rounds are live and which aren’t means Mediatonic can better retain game content as it moves in and out of the game.

Fall Guys Creative has a level editor heading to the game, as announced last year. The studio has now confirmed that the mod will launch with the game’s next seasonal update. There’s no firm date on it yet, but it looks like fans will be able to craft their own hideous stages within the coming months.

You can learn more details at Fall Guys website. Are you excited for the level editor? Dive into the comments section below.


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