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The Final Fantasy 12 director shot down that long-standing bash rumor



Final Fantasy XII, love it or hate it, is an interesting beast, telling a steam-punk saga of political intrigue and all-out war. It brings together a colorful cast of characters, some more endearing than others.

Game director Yasumi Matsuno, out of absolutely nothing, just popped up on Twitter to dispel a rumor that has been circulating within the Final Fantasy community since 2006: whether or not former Knight Bash von Ronsenberg was insulted, the game actually was to become the main character of , controversially and reportedly replacing Whiny Vaughn.

This was something that many Final Fantasy fans would repeat as gospel (this ignorant writer is certainly guilty of perpetuating the story). So the story goes, Final Fantasy XII was meant to be a very dark story that ended with Bash acting as an anti-hero. Instead, due to fan feedback, Vaughn was cast, an unassuming young man with sky piracy ambitions who it was felt fans would like.

Well, many fans hated Vaughn (which we think is a bad wrap), and Bash became a fan favorite, providing fertile soil for this deadly rumor to take root. Were you as blown away as we were? Ask questions about everything in the comments section below.


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