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The first trailer of Gran Turismo movie tells the whole story in two minutes



Gran Turismo – The Movie, Not the Game! – Looks great! The film, slated to hit theaters this August, is based on the true life story of Jane Mardenborough, a gamer who progressed through GT Academy to eventually race for Nissan. You can basically extract the entire plot from this two-minute trailer, but as it all actually happened, we already know how this story ends anyway. (Spoilers: He finished third at Le Mans!)

Neill Blomkamp is on directorial duties, and there is undoubtedly some great cinematography on the racing scenes. We’re not entirely convinced by some of David Harbour’s script — the whole “scroungy gamer” stuff seems a little off — but it might make more sense in the context of a full-length film. It’s being billed as an inspirational, feel-good affair – we believe it has potential.

We can’t see it setting the box office to be honest, the concept seems a bit too cool to pull in a huge audience. We’re not too enamored with the film’s tagline, “From Gamer to Racer.” Is this really the best they can come up with? the geese! Still, it might be worth checking out when it’s released later in the year.


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