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The French trade union called on Ubisoft Paris workers to strike after the CEO’s comments



After the surprise announcement of Skull and Bones’ delay and the cancellation of three unannounced games last week, it looks like publisher Ubisoft has once again found itself in troubled waters.

The French trade union Solidaires Informatique has called for a strike by workers at Ubisoft Paris (which serves as the company’s headquarters) following comments made by CEO Yves Guillemot. In an email sent to staff (which was seen by Kotaku), Guillemot said “the ball is in their court” to keep the company going.

Solidaires Informatique says Guillemot is trying to shift the blame for the company’s woes and his own failures onto employees. They hope that measures like administrative pressure and overtime will be applied to bring things back on track.

They note that while the ball may be in the employee’s court, “the money stays in his pocket”. You can read The statement is here in full (Scroll down for English translation).

Solidaires Informatique is demanding an immediate 10% increase in workers’ wages to compensate for inflation and the implementation of a 4-day working week to improve working conditions.

In addition, the union has called for a strike, stating that “because Mr. Guillemot and his group only understand power relations, Solidaires Informatique asks the workers of Ubisoft Paris to go on strike on Friday January 27 from 2 p.m. Calling for. By 6 p.m.”

It remains to be seen how Ubisoft will react to Solidaires Informatique’s statement and how many workers will strike on the set date. Concessions won at company headquarters can potentially accrue benefits to employees around the world. We will keep you updated as the matter unfolds.

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