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The Heartbreaking God of War Ragnarok Quest pays a very special tribute



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There’s a lot to do in God of War Ragnarok, and it’s a game where exploration is richly rewarded with all kinds of fun, entertaining, and sometimes heartbreaking quests. The true story behind across the region It’s particularly poignant, however, because it concerns a Santa Monica studio developer who passed away — and his relationship with a colleague.

Before we elaborate, however, it should be noted that the content of this article is a favor PS5 and PS4 in the title which some may consider a spoiler. While this is a relatively minor side quest in the grand scheme of things, it’s your chance to vent before going into detail.

In the game, you will explore an area known as Eternal campfire in the Midgard, which has a distinctive smoke signal when you approach. You’ll get a cookbook with a list of ingredients, which you’ll then find in nine areas. The quest follows the story of Jari and Sommer, who represent real-life couple and Santa Monica studio developers Sam Hendrick and Jake Snipes. Unfortunately, Snipes passed away in 2020.


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