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The Horizon Call series offers a new perspective on the mountain’s world



While the main series protagonist Aloy will appear in some form, PSVR2 The launch game Horizon Call of the Mountain puts you in the shoes of a new character: shadow soldier Rias. A new one The PlayStation Blog The post further detailed his backstory ahead of the title’s February 22, 2023 launch, explaining how he deliberately imprisons himself so that he can atone for his sins.

Rias was one of the soldiers on the wrong end of the Mad Sun-King Jiron’s death at the hands of his son Awad, so he brutally helped build Karja in the Shadow Clan after the raids. In an effort to regain his honor, Rias will help Sun-King Awad by investigating a new threat in the post-apocalyptic universe. Along the way, the new protagonist will meet both new friends and former enemies who will struggle to come to terms with the fact that Rias is now fighting on their side.

Narrative director Ben McCaw said: “We took the Horizon experience and built it from the ground up for VR. And for that, we felt we needed a new character. As a master climber, hunter, and explorer, Rias offers a perfect view of the vast vistas of the horizon and the dangerous jungles.”

We recently a Horizon Call of the Mountains PSVR2 previewIn which we described the game as the showpiece title of the headset due to the graphical upgrade of the games on the original. PSVR How the headset and gameplay loop seem to be involved. “It’s easy to see why Sony positioned Horizon Call of the Mountain as the premiere PSVR2 title, outside of the obvious fact that it’s developed in-house. With support from the Horizon IP, the new headset Releases with an immersive experience set around. Time as Zero Dawn and Forbidden West.”


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