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The Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.18 is now available on PS5, PS4



Today, Guerrilla Games released Horizon Forbidden West update 1.18 for PS5 and PS4. Moreover, Aloy now has a new face paint called the Mark of Pride that she can wear, which is a Pride Flag. The guide image above shows you how to do it. The transgender flag is painted on her forehead, for instance.

Horizon Forbidden West Pride Flag Face Paint

To get the Mark of Pride faces painted, go to a Painter in Scalding Spear, Thornmarsh, or The Bulwark. It can be used as a picture frame. Patch 1.18 also addresses a long list of major search, page functionality, and UI issues. Full details can be found below.

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Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.18 Patch Notes


  • Includes “Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint.


Great Research

  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “Faro’s Tomb” where the Merchant Hunter disappeared in Thebes.
  • Fixed the weapons floating in the cinematic after the objective “Talk to the Tenakth Marshal” of Main Quest “The Embassy”.
  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “The Kulrut” where Hekarro was practicing his pantomime skills and was trapped behind an invisible wall.
  • Fixed issues with players not being able to enter or leave the Base.
  • Fixed an issue where a Kotallo call would play in the Base without Kotallo.

Search page

  • We’re keeping Riverhymn’s placement marker on the map after the “The Roots that Bind” sidebar is finished.
  • Fixed an issue where Porguf would not give the option to start the Errand Quest “Broken Locks”.
  • Fixed an issue in Side Quest “The Deluge” where players could drive their mount across a lake.
  • Fixed an issue in Side Quest “Signal Spike” where the player could not progress after the objective “Search the Canyon for the Source of the Signal”.
  • Fixed an issue in Chainscrape where, before completing “The Bristlebacks” sidebar, the Herbalist would have an image above their head but it would not interact.

International affairs

  • Fixed an issue in Salvage Contracts “Mine Launchers” where progress could freeze when the player sets the default difficulty settings for simple Loot.
  • Fixed an issue that after completing Salvage Contracts in New Game Plus, the player could receive the Oseram Artificer outfit twice.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “Devil’s Grasp” where the “Search the Command Center” objective was locked after starting from saving.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “The Hive” where the “Destroy the Weapon Caches” objective would not complete after destroying all caches.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “Breached Rock” where the Rebel Champion would not receive the Bunker Key in his loot if the player left the camp after killing the rebels.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron CHI where a puzzle room was affected.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the health of a unit with the Sweep Skill could reach 255 instead of dying.
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck at 99.42% completion after completing Rebel Camps.
  • We’re having a blast again no more! Fixed an issue in Gauntlet Run “Cliffs of the Cry” where at the end of the race, the player would fly into the air.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not complete “Relics From Ruins” in New Game+ due to having the Ancestor’s Return weapon from a previous game.
  • Fixed an issue in Sunken Cavern “The Shining Wastes” where the player would get stuck if they investigated an Oseram corpse while swimming.
  • Fixed an unobtainable Supply Cache in Las Vegas that was placed underground.
  • Grab an unobtainable Supply Cache northeast of Rebel Outpost “Stillsands South” that’s buried underground.


  • Fixed an issue where Audio Datapoints would be deleted on specific player functions.
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Datapoint 37 could not be collected due to Veter not being connected.


  • Are the flowers ready? We make the Dreadwing attack when fighting in a forest.
  • More VFX for Tremortusk’s “Shatter Swing” and Thunderjaw’s “Laser Blast”.
  • Fixed an issue near Fall’s Edge where an inactive and low-powered Thunderjaw could enter.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Stalker Primary Nerve” was listed as Loot for the Ravager’s Antenna.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a Job for the Stalker Primary Nerve would place the path in Ravager Areas instead of Stalker Areas.
  • Fixed an issue where Behemoth and Apex Behemoth counted “Bellowback Primary Nerve” as loot instead of “Behemoth Primary Nerve.”
  • Fixed an area in Sheerside Climb where the player could not jump over a flying mount.
  • Fixed an issue where Apex Shellsnapper Hearts were listed under “Goods for sale” while being used for upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue where the operating system would not point the player to Apex engine parts.


  • Fixed a camera issue where, when aiming with a Blastsling weapon and rotating the camera, the projectile target would vibrate.
  • Fixed a camera issue where activating Concentration zoom during normal zoom would cause a jarring snapback.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter Bow could not be upgraded in New Game+.
  • Fixed an issue where level 4 Carja’s Bane light arrows were not dealing enough tear damage.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading to level 3 of the Rain of Sparks bow would change the benefits from “critical effect” to “high enemy damage”, then back to “critical effect” in Table 4.


  • Fixed an issue where the player could not use Melee Combat after rushing out of a crawl.
  • Level 3 Toughened Valor Surge reduced Melee Damage Resistance from 50% to 35%.
  • Plant Forager Working on Medicinal Waterweed.


  • Fixed “Pickup Animation” to return “On” to settings when the “Reset” function is clicked.
  • Fixed an issue where the Job description on the job board in the Quest Log would always show Level 1 regardless of the Job’s actual level.
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Marker was not visible in the 3D space if the route was marked in an inactive search area.
  • Fixed an issue with subtitles not merging in the opening title sequence.
  • Fixed an issue in the Machine Catalog where unmonitored machines would appear when they were connected to monitored machines.

Performance and Stability

  • Reworked TAA for PS5 Resolution Mode and PS4.
  • Fixed some instances of Aloy’s model when playing in Balanced mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the geometry would appear to be too low when jumping to the opening title sequence.

Image type

  • Includes “Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint.


  • Fixed an issue where starting a game via Action Cards would start a new game in New Game Plus, instead of starting the selected action.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Auto Heal” setting would not heal Aloy after temporarily leaving the battle.
  • Fixed issues where the player ended up underground and stuck in geometry.

Will you be using the new Mark of Pride face paint in the game? And does this patch fix a problem you’re having? Tell us in the comments below.

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