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The Last of Us 1 Guide: Walkthrough, All Collections, Tips, and Tricks



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The Last of Us is a survival horror game created by 1 PlayStation Studios the developer naughty dog Which was first released in 2013 The last of us 1 walkthroughWhich includes All collectiblesis based on The Last of Us: Part I for PS5 And P.CWhich is also called The Last of Us remake. However, its content also applies to The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) and The Last of Us (PS3), unless expressly stated otherwise. For reference, we titled A 8/10 in us The Last of Us: Part I PS5 reviewdescribing it as “a better, more beautiful remake of a modern classic”.

As part of this The last of us 1 guideWe will also include a full The last of us 1 trophy guideA selection of as well Tips and tricks for beginners.

The Last of Us 1 Guide: Walkthrough

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Our first part The last of us 1 guide One is complete The last of us 1 walkthroughIt is telling how to get 100% perfection. We will help you find All collectiblesProvide gameplay strategies for combat encounters, and make sure you see and do everything in the campaign.


Exclusion Zone


City of Bill


the suburbs

Tommy’s dam


Lakeside Resort

Bus Depot

Firefly Lab


leave behind

The Last of Us 1 Guide: All Collectibles

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For the front part of the outside The last of us 1 guideWe will list All collectibles. there are 10 collectible varieties in the The last of us 1With the total 245 collectibles to find Our checklists will help you find everything, along with descriptions of the exact locations. The types of collections are as follows:

  • Artifacts: Usually written documents or pages are represented by a paper icon in the game, though can extend to other objects and items, including speech recorders that play voice messages.
  • Firefly Pendants: Dog tags with identifying information of various Firefly members, represented by a Firefly icon-game.
  • comics: Comic books from a fictional sci-fi series called Savage Starlight, identified by a speech bubble in-game.
  • Training Manual: Pamphlets that grant permanent buffs to in-game abilities, including the skill of crafted items, are indicated by the booklet icon in-game.
  • Workbench: Desk surfaces equipped with lights and tools that can be used to upgrade weapons are indicated by the wrench symbol in the game.
  • Workbench Tools: Equipment that unlocks new weapon upgrades for all weapons is found in red tool boxes.
  • Shiva Door: Locked metal doors that hold valuable resources and crafting materials and require Shiva to unlock.
  • Optional Conversation: Optional conversation opportunities that allow you to further explore character relationships and explore knowledge in specific situations are indicated by the speech bubble icon in the game.
  • Ellie’s Jokes: A subset of optional dialogue related to Ellie’s bad jokes and love of puns, indicated by the speech bubble icon in the game. You may need to wait at a certain location or meet various conditions to activate them.

Collection location

Safe solution

The Last of Us 1 Guide: Weapons and Items

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For this section of us The last of us 1 guideWe will document All weapons and items. You’ll need offensive equipment to deal with the harsh realities of ordinary America, and we’ll help you find all the weapons in the game, as well as any upgrades and gear.

The Last of Us 1 Guide: Trophies

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For our next part The last of us 1 guide, we will focus on trophies. Earning Platinum can be the ultimate endorsement of your appreciation for a game, and that’s why we’ll help you get all the shiny trinkets in Naughty Dog’s Fierce Survival Horror.

The Last of Us 1 Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

The last of us 1 guide walkthrough
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By this point in our The last of us 1 guide, we hope we’ve helped teach you everything there is to know about the critically acclaimed game. However, you may still have burning questions, which is why we’ve compiled this FAQ section.

The Last of Us 1 Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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For our final part The last of us 1 guideWe will share something Tips and tricks for beginners. These will help you get the most out of the game, and ensure that you are well prepared to face the apocalypse.

Loot absolutely everything

The resources are very few The last of us 1, so make sure you’re always looting everything. Take the time to thoroughly explore your surroundings, digging through drawers and cabinets for key supplies. You can then use these materials to craft important equipment, which will help you better manage combat encounters.

Always carry an extra shiva and health kit

You will always want to make sure you have a spare Shiva And Health kit On your person, because you never know when you’ll need them. Shiva can help you open up Shiva Door And stealth kills are also guaranteed, while health kits are valuable for those moments where you need to replenish your health. Fear of mischievous dog rescue is unpredictable, so it’s always best to be prepared.

Absorb all around you

While you’re digging around for important resources, make sure you soak up the details of the environment as well. one of The last of our 1 The biggest achievement is how much of a story it tells through its world. Each house you loot has a story to tell, and enables you to imagine its former inhabitants. Instead of rushing through every area without paying attention, take time to absorb everything you see.

Stay on the move

Enemies are very smart The last of us 1Even on lower difficulty settings. If you are not careful, you will be scolded and kicked out. Therefore, anticipating enemies is important. To avoid being ambushed by enemies, stay low and change your position often. You want to be unpredictable, especially against humans, because otherwise they will organize themselves into a pincer and trap you. Think carefully about your position and your next best move, making sure you always maintain the upper-hand on your enemies.

That just does it for us The last of us 1 guide! Hope you found it walkthrough Useful, and remember, if you want to continue the story, our The last 2 of us guide can help If you have any others let us know Tips and tricks In the comments section, and always remember to endure and survive!


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