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The last of us 3 rumors are doing the rounds again



Development on the third entry in The Last of Us series is apparently starting to ramp up – motion capture is expected this year – according to the Twitter profile ViewerAnon. Considered a reliable source in the film field, the profile previously posted is Neil Druckmann’s next game The Last of Us: Part IIIAnd now that claim has been expanded upon.

They claim that Naughty Dog is “rolling cameras and recording audio” for motion capture and “Ellie is at least as important. [The] Last of Us Part III As he was in Part II. Ellie was considered a main character alongside Abby, with the campaign split evenly between them. Hence, the Twitter user is suggesting that Ellie will play a major role in the third installment.

Viewers Anon’s claims are of course unsubstantiated, but Naughty Dog has revealed that it has “a brand new single-player experience” in the works alongside The Last of Us multiplayer. It’s not known if the title is set in the world of The Last of Us or if it’s a new IP, though. The news comes after the developer announced that it needed more time on the project, but a report from Bloomberg revealed that the online game is in trouble. While its overall quality and long-term viability are being assessed, personnel have been reallocated to other projects.

“A small group remains on the project while the company reevaluates direction,” claims Jason Schrier. “Although the game has not been canceled, many of its developers have been moved to other projects.” It would be safe to assume that the single player project is one of them, which viewer Anon insists is The Last of Us: Part III. “All I can say is that I have been very vocal for quite some time that The Last of Us Part III is in development and finally seeing the others. Principal filming is happening this year,” a follow-up tweet. reads


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