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The Last of Us PS5 Precious Firefly Edition shipping in stunning condition



Image: Porsche Power

Sony has committed a huge sin with this PlayStation Direct Exclusive The Last of Us: Part I Firefly Edition – It’s not an investment in good packaging. Anyone buying the $100 limited edition is doing so for collection purposes – some pre-orders were even being flogged on auction websites for up to $450 when the bundle sold out earlier in the year – so it This is why fans expect the situation to be outdated. On arrival.

Unfortunately, there are widespread examples of these objects being broken. If it was just one, we would put it in bad luck, but there are dozens of examples of harm Twitter. In some cases, the paper-thin envelope has been ripped open – in others, the glue sealing the wrapper has stuck to the cardboard wraparound case, causing a mess.

To add insult to injury, since this is a collector’s edition that’s sold out, Sony isn’t offering a replacement — just a refund. While it’s nice (though expected) that consumers can still get their money back for a defective product, those who bought this version may have done so because they’re fans and really want the Firefly edition to be theirs. Want to add to collection.

Did you order one of the collector’s editions? And in what kind of situation did it come? Let us know in the comments section below.


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