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The lighter, more energy efficient PS5 has improved Gubbins



PS5 PlayStation 5 Sony 1
Image: Austin Evans

There’s a new PS5 in town, and early analysis suggests it’s lighter and more energy efficient than its predecessors — perfect for the impending energy crisis. In fact, a brand new tear from YouTuber Austin Evans indicates that the internals have been completely revamped: Sony is using a smaller motherboard, alternative cooling, and has also changed the SSD enclosure.

In fact, while the exterior of the unit remains the same, the interior has completely Converted, with the motherboard notably two-inches shorter than its predecessor. The heatsink, which has already shrunk once, is now Also Small – making the original machine look like a real monster in comparison.

One downside is that the CMOS battery is removed, so it can potentially cause problems for decades if you have an older device that needs to be replaced. But the result is that the unit draws about 20-30 watts less than its predecessors during gaming, making it much more energy efficient. It makes about the same amount of noise and operates at comparable temperatures.

It’s customary for console manufacturers to adapt hardware designs over time, of course, but the caveat in this case is that the new unit is rolling out along with the price. increase In most parts of the world. There’s no question that Sony made these adjustments to cut costs, but it’s clearly not eager to pass those savings on to consumers.


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