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The new PS5, PS4 game Tenebris Picura has a touch of eternal darkness



Fans of the Nintendo Gamecube Classic Eternal Darkness: Demanding Sobriety Tenebris Pictura is worth keeping an eye on, as it mimics at least some of the vibes found in the Silicon Knights title. Megaton Rainfall Team Pentadimensional Games is releasing the game for PS5 and PS4 on August 31, 2023, and you can get a first look in the trailer above.

After being transported back to the Victorian era, you’ll take on the role of a paranormal investigator stranded on a “dark, haunted” island. “You are called there by an old friend, to investigate the disappearance of his daughter. Before long, you are embroiled in a supernatural mystery involving a shadowy cult, and sightings of unusual creatures. which appear to have survived from a strange collection. Paintings with doubtful provenance.”


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