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The PS Plus game will take some effort to meet your maker’s trophy list for Milo Platinum



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One of April’s PS Plus Essentials lineup is Meet Your Maker, a game about creating booby-trapped levels and then sneaking into stages made by others. It’s a neat idea, and certainly one that would benefit from launching on a popular service. With tomorrow’s game, the The trophy list is now displayed onlineAnd it looks like you’ll need to put in a few hours if you want a shiny plate.

There are 44 trinkets in total, including platinum, and the general summary is that this is an easy list, but a potentially time-consuming list. Surviving a checkpoint (level) with GenMat (the source you’re after) for the first time, putting your first checkpoint online, upgrading equipment — these are simple tasks and will come up fairly quickly. However, you’ll also need to activate a total of 25 checkpoints, which means building 25 levels – a time-consuming endeavor in itself, but also requiring a lot of resources.

Additionally, you will need to represent a checkpoint to the maximum level, which again, will take time and resources. For platinum you’ll need to do more activities: checkpoints (two at most each time), craft hardware (grenades and other throwables) after completing 100 times, and 100 praise after reaching level 10 with all five vendors. give the letter

These are all things that are very easy to do, but be prepared to set aside some time if you want to complete the trophy list. Will you be gunning for the plate in Meet Your Maker? Let us know in the comments section below.


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