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The PS4 game appears to be from the May 2023 PS Plus Extra, premium refresh



It’s kind of a matter of how many times Sony has had to change it PS Plus Extra And PS Plus Premium The lineup reveals after the fact. In what is now becoming an almost regular occurrence, the title announced earlier today has now disappeared from the company’s subscription service. Blog post. This seems to be the story of the season: Friends from Mineral Town will no longer be part of next week’s refresh.

While Sony’s official blog post had 23 games, 22 are no longer listed with the aforementioned farming experience. When this has happened in the past, abandoned games were mistakenly listed and never made it to the service. You can expect the same to happen with Story of Seasons for May 2023. An example of this was when Sayonara wild heart In early 2023 members were “incorrectly” declared to download.

How this keeps happening is a puzzling question, but the end result is the same: it doesn’t look like you’ll be playing Friends of Mineral Town next week. On PS Plus Extra, at least.


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