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The Shattered Memories author described Silent Hill 2 as ‘the greatest poisoned chalice in video games’.



Sam Barlow, author of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Origins, has commented on the difficulty of remaking Silent Hill 2, an undertaking developer Blubber Team is reportedly close to achieving.

in one Interview with PCGamesN during GDC 2023Barlow was not shy about sharing his feelings on the subject, describing the work as “remastering the greatest poisoned chalice in video games, Silent Hill 2”.

Longtime fans can be hard to please, with modern games sometimes needing a modern facelift, which Barlow acknowledged, commenting: “I mean, good luck to them because I don’t know if you guys How can you do this without disturbing the

Barlow is looking forward to the latest entries in the series, such as the still-in-development Silent Hill F and Silent Hill: Townfall, noting that “personally, I’m less excited about playing the remaster”. It is worth noting that Barlow is cited. Blubber Team’s project is sometimes in the form of a remaster, but Silent Hill 2 is a complete remake of the 2001 cult-classic.


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