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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor director always envisioned Cal’s story as a trilogy



Star Wars Jedi: Survivor director Stig Asmussen always envisioned Cal Kestis’ story as a trilogy, which is perhaps only natural, given the immortal format of the mainline Star Wars films.

Speaking on IGN Unfiltered, Asmussen revealed that sequel discussions were taking place before the original game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, was launched in 2019. “We were already talking about the second game,” he says. “I mean, obviously, we were talking beyond that. And those are the conversations that, when we’re breaking this story with Lucasfilm, it’s like: ‘Okay, where are we going with the second game?’

Something as vast as a new game set in the Star Wars universe doesn’t get off the ground until plans are made for the future, and Asmussen notes that this larger scope matches his own ideas, recalling that he “always wanted to see. As a trio” and that “we had a pretty good idea of ​​the time frame where we wanted to place Survivor, what the stakes were going to be, what the tone of the game was going to be, what Cal was going to be up against. , and how the crew was going to factor into that. And also ideas about what we could do next.”

It seems that whatever direction a potential third Star Wars: Jedi title may go, it will be a more ambitious venture, at least from a technical standpoint. Asmussen hints that “it’s a very safe assumption” that a third game will be made using Unreal Engine 5, as opposed to Survivor’s Unreal Engine 4.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out next month, launching on April 28, and from the latest preview footage, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a hit.

Do you think it’s fitting that this latest Star Wars series gets the sequel treatment, or would you rather the team move on to something else? May the force be with you in the comments section below.


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