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The UK’s Activision buyout block has prevented Microsoft from trying again for 10 years



Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard already looked pretty dire, but an appeals process is currently underway, we’re told. If unsuccessful, however, Microsoft will apparently have to wait a full decade before being able to try again.

over on Reset era, the entire saga is chronicled in a 900+ page authoritative thread, in which OP (Idas) puts his skills as an anti-European faith advocate to excellent use. Now, we’re not lawyers (preferring to work in our pajamas), but we can confirm, on page 339, under article 11.29. Final reportIt reads:

“Management will be affected by accepting the undertaking under section 82 of the Act or making an order under section 84 of the Act, prohibiting the merger and restraining the parties from attempting to merge for a further period: our normal practice would be to restrain the future. Next Absent a change of circumstances, merger between the parties for ten years.”

We won’t pretend to understand the full subtlety or the full context here, but it looks pretty obvious to our layman’s eyes. Recall that Microsoft recently said that ten years was enough time for Sony Make your call of duty competitive; We imagine it can do the same in the same amount of time.

Do you think this deal is well and truly dead, or is there a twist or two left in this story? Let us know in the comments section below.


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