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The Winter Soldier joins Marvel’s Avengers this month



The Winter Soldier will be added to Marvel’s Avengers for free on November 29, 2022 as part of a major update for the game. Voiced by Scott Porter, he will be given a new heroic mission series “that helps the Avengers regain faith in his capacity for good and deal with the trauma inflicted on him by his captors”. Completing the mission chain unlocks the superhero’s iconic costume.

“Product of a Soviet black science program, Winter Soldier emerges as a master assassin,” a development Blog post explains “He adds an almost purely attack-focused hero to the roster that focuses on dealing damage to his enemies in a variety of ways. Players have many different builds and plays to embody that character’s fantasy. Find styles, from the range shooter, to an expert hand-to-hand combatant, to the deadly super-soldier.”

Along with The Winter Soldier — delivered as part of update 2.7 — the new Cloning Lab mission will be rolled into the endgame content. With the fight against MODOK, to finish the level, you’ll need a power level of 175 to start with, bringing the overall power level up to 185 with the mission. The blog post also says that beyond patch 2.7, the team will continue with “the ongoing revisions and tuning for Heroes that we started in 2.6 and have continued in 2.7.”


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