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The Witcher 3 PS5 adds the strange Nilfgaard armor from the Netflix show



Remember since the first on-set photos the witcher started showing up online on Netflix, and fans of The Witcher 3 were quick to point out how … the Nilfgaardian armor was weird? Well, as part of the tie-in content of the ‘next-gen’ update that comes with the show, that unstoppable wrinkled armor has been added to Geralt’s adventures on PS5.

It’s only for a second, but in a recent trailer for the Complete Edition, you can see a Nilfgaardian soldier wearing a divisive outfit. From what we can recall, this particular shot is taken from an opening cutscene, where the Wild Hunt kills some soldiers chasing Geralt and Yennefer.

However, it’s unclear if this will just be an in-game toggle — like alternate outfits for some of the game’s main characters. We’d honestly be very surprised if the unstable Netflix armor was being forced on players.

And of course, Geralt can get an armor set that’s also based on the Netflix design. Unlike the weird ‘n’ wrinkled Nilfgaardian set, we think it looks great.

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