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Trails from Zero on PS4 misses out on new improvements coming to PC, Switch



At this point it feels like PS4 players are getting well and truly screwed, doesn’t it? You may recall that when Trails from Zero arrived here in the West last year, PC and Nintendo Switch users were treated to an enhanced version of the release. Meanwhile, PS4 players got a no-frills localization of the original Japanese remaster.

This was because the PC and Switch versions were handled by a separate porting studio, which was licensed to further improve the experience. These improvements include better texture work throughout the game, detailed character sprites, and a record that tracks recent dialogue.

And now, the PC and Switch versions are getting together more improvements, while the PS4 edition is once again ignored. Here’s the confirmation from publisher NIS America, in which it casually posts “there are no plans to bring these changes to the PS4 version”:

It’s all made worse by the fact that back in December, NISA teased that “updates will be rolling out to all platforms soon”. Apparently not!


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