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Trails from Zero to Azure exceeded Falcom’s sales expectations in the West



Falcom, the Japanese company behind the Trails and Ys games, has published its latest financial report – and it makes for positive reading if you’re a Western fan. Report (as seen by @AvengerMags and certified by Noisy pixels) shows that the developer is in good health, and that its financial position has been strengthened from Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure.

Two RPGs were recently released here in the West for the first time. Xero was launched in September last year, while Azure dropped just a few months ago, in March. However, Falcom says both titles have actually exceeded sales expectations, which is great news for everyone involved.

The Trails series has gained a lot of traction outside of Asia in recent years, dating back to the release of Trails of Cold Steel Games on PS4. With NIS America on publishing duties – and with two more Trail titles coming this year – it’s fair to assume the property will continue to grow its influence.


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