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Ubisoft helps its authors do their work by implementing AI Tech



Ubisoft is a publisher that isn’t afraid to tackle new technology. The company is always supportive of new platform launches, and seems willing to embrace cutting-edge technology wherever possible – even questionable content. It has already tried implementing NFTs into its games with the Ubisoft Quartz initiative, which went about as well as you’d expect. Now, the publisher has proudly announced that it is using AI to help write its games.

As mentioned in the video above, Ubisoft Ghostwriter is an AI-powered tool that allows writers to create lines of dialogue based on prompts, which can then be edited or adjusted in various ways. The idea is that dev teams can use this functionality to create “barks” — those throwaway NPC lines you hear while running through open worlds — so writers can focus more on the main story and characters.

This seems like a reasonable use of technology, but it has already been heavily criticized. Some industry figures have argued that managing and editing AI-generated dialogue will be more time-consuming than writing something yourself. This also naturally leads to concerns that this is just the beginning; What if, eventually, Ubisoft develops this ghostwriter program to replace some (or all) of its human writers?

We don’t want to get too tin foil hat about it, but this isn’t an overly encouraging development. What do you think about all this? Generate some ideas of your own in the comments section below.


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