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Ubisoft thinks Far Cry was a 6 year old game



Branding around Ultimate Editions of games has always been a little weird, but it’s never fun when a publisher gives itself Game of the Year Edition for something that hasn’t set the world on fire. Enter Ubisoft with a Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Upgrade Pass that just happened Seen on the backend of the Microsoft Store. Yes, the game of the year for 2021 we all loved: Far Cry 6…?

To be fair, the game itself was a good one, but it didn’t make it anywhere near our top 10. Apparently, it actually won Game of the Year at two outlets! They are tech, cars and lifestyle publications EFTMAnd this too BGR. It’s definitely fair enough to call your title game of the year, right?

Of course, this is just a meaningless marketing phrase designed to rekindle interest in the game, but what is interesting is that the Upgrade Pass seems to be teasing some new content. The image says you’ll get the Season Pass – which contains three pieces of DLC – the Ultimate Pack, but then there’s also an “expansion”. The fact that it’s listed separately from the season pass that already exists suggests that something else is on the way for Far Cry 6.

The final piece of announced post-launch content was released back in February, so it’s been quite a while since Ubisoft has done anything substantial with the game. If this new upgrade pass is anything to go by, the publisher may have more up its sleeve. An announcement could be just around the corner. This expansion might even be the best of 2022!


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