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Upcoming PS5 shooter Crime Boss: Rocky City opens to a 55 Metacritic rating



Crime Boss: Rocky City’s PS5 release isn’t until June 2023, but the PC version released today to some critical reviews. one with Metacritic Rating just 55, you probably shouldn’t put too much faith in this star-studded FPS on PS5. Danny Glover, Danny Trejo, Vanilla Ice, and Chuck Norris may be part of the voice cast, but nothing about Crime Boss: Rocky City sounds particularly appealing.

Below you’ll find a selection of critical reviews based on the PC version. At the time of writing there are 8 verdicts shared, so it’s possible that the 55 Metacritic rating could still go up or down.

Rocky City There’s something interesting about its novel campaign structure, and its modest price tag currently discounted to $31.99 makes it an obvious bargain. But not enough to appreciate that anyone warrants sticking around for more than a random night with a few friends. The whole project is clearly a loving homage to the glory days of ’90s action flicks, but the tone-deaf execution misses the mark. But how long can it hold your attention when your multiplayer game time is better spent elsewhere?

Enjoy completing missions with a team of four friends. However, in its current state, Crime Boss: Rocky City Multiplayer feels like a low-level criminal trying to get rich quick on a street full of shooters who already do better.

Overall, Crime Boss is a game of fighting itself. All three modes offer something, but none of them do their particular thing well. Meanwhile, the characters and writing surrounding these missions feel painfully stuck in 2011. And customization is either limited or random in a way that makes it feel like you never have full control over your loadout.

Crime Boss Rocky City It’s a cautionary tale about how to effectively budget a video game, and a prime example of how games need to feel and play well first and foremost. There are good ideas buried deep within this game, and Roguelike/Salary The combination is a really novel concept that I would love to see explored in a project with more focus. However, using a voice cast of Hollywood talent past their prime is a choice that adds nothing to the game, and isn’t enough to distract me from the shallow gameplay that was already done so well ten years ago. was

What do you make of these decisions? Cancel your pre-order in the comments below.


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