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Walheim could potentially come to PS5 in six months



Update: Speaking during the podcast. Walheim Senior developer Jonathan Summers didn’t completely rule out the possibility of a Norse survival game coming to PS5 – and now it looks like Xbox only has six months of console exclusives. The tidbit was confirmed in the small print of a Game Pass newsletter sent to subscribers, opening the door for a PlayStation port.

Now, it should be underlined that the game is in Early Access on Xbox, and so developer Iron Gates probably has their work cut out for them to knock the port into some sort of shape. But it’s good to know that once the six months have passed, there will be no contractual limitations preventing this release from hitting Sony’s system.

Original article: Survival game Walheim has been a huge hit on PC, and given the surge in interest around Norse media inspired by God of War Ragnarok and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it would feel right at home on PS5. However, according to senior developer Jonathan Summers, speaking on Xbox Expansion Pass PodcastSeen by IGNThe team is “currently only looking at Xbox” when it comes to consoles.

According to Summers, publisher Kofi Stan worked with Microsoft to bring the game to the Xbox Series X|S, where it will debut. game pass. This leads us to believe that, in all likelihood, there’s probably some form of timed feature at play here – although Iron Gate AB isn’t a huge studio, so it’s probably focused on one platform at a time. has been

The developer left the door open, hinting “you never know,” when it comes to the possibility of a PS5 port later down the line. For now, though, you’ll have to settle with Kratos for your Viking fix – it’s a different kind of game, sure, but it’s not exactly a bad choice, is it?


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