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What are you playing this weekend? – Issue 458



The holidays are over (for the most part — Sammy just started!) and everyone is frantically heading back to work and school. But don’t worry: 2023 is set to be an incredibly busy year for PlayStation, with a release schedule that’s sure to provide plenty of escapes. Let’s kick off the year with a relaxing weekend of gaming!

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

If you haven’t noticed, there is a release schedule for January mental, so I’m already knee deep in playing games for review. I can’t mention them by name, but you can expect plenty of coverage in the coming weeks!

Stephen Telby, Associate Editor

I’m at a loose end. There’s a part of me that’s eager to play a JRPG (which isn’t usually my genre), so I’m tempted to start Persona 5 or even Dragon Quest XI S . Knowing that I probably won’t gel with them, though, I have a lot to fall back on — I’d like to finally find out why Norco is rated so highly for starters.

Aaron Benn, video producer

Another week of grinding death stranding for me. I’m starting to struggle with it now because it’s throwing me into more linear story levels, but when the game cuts you loose to deliver, it’s really one of the most unique games out there.

Annette Magana, reviewer

I still have some backlog to catch up on before the pile gets bigger starting next week. So I’m spending the weekend playing Sifu.

Scott McCrae, reviewer

This weekend I’m playing some Beautiful Joe during Midnight Suns.

Simon Fitzgerald, reviewer

It’s a new year and so it’s new to me, and so I’m going to really work on clearing my backlog by playing Sonic Frontiers and Ghostwire: Tokyo. However, should I slip back into the old me you can catch me at this weekend’s Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

We had our thing in rather different editions, but what are you Playing this weekend? As always, let us know your gaming plans in the comments section below.


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