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What are you playing this weekend? – Issue 468



Will the weather improve? As much as we want to shut out the world and indulge in our favorite virtual worlds, it would be nice to see a little sunshine, wouldn’t it? Hurry, spring!

Aaron Benn

I’ve been waiting patiently for this, but it’s time to go into the Diablo IV Early Access Beta. I’m new to the franchise so I’m assuming I’ll have a lot to wrap my head around when I visit Hell!

Graham Banas

After spending the last few weeks playing pretty much exclusively PSVR2 – therefore, Therefore Lots of reviews — I think I’ll celebrate with some PSVR2. I may have finished my work Light Brigade ReviewBut I don’t want to put it down yet, it’s so much fun!

Jamie O’Neill

While packing my PS Vita and Killzone: Mercenary to visit my mum for UK Mother’s Day, I tried to think of strong PlayStation mom figures, but all I could come up with was Elena Fisher and Freya.

Sammy Barker

I still have a few remaining PSVR2 reviews to complete, so I’ll spend some time on them this weekend. When I’m not, I dare to play the legacy of Hogwarts. I must also finish the latest pokemonBecause it doesn’t look like it will be patched anytime soon.

Stephen Talby

There’s a lot to play with right now, but I’m still plugging away at a few games for review. First up is Dredge, an indie game that mixes fishing with horror themes. Once that’s done, I’ll move on to the sci-fi RPG, Citizen Sleeper. Maybe then I can finally get cracking with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which I’ve been itching to play since launch day.

That’s all we’re sporting this chilly weekend, but what about you? You know the drill: tell us in the comments section below.


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