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What are you playing this weekend? – Issue 475



This weekend saw the coronation of the new monarch here in the UK, a historic event that will no doubt give the world a strange and wonderful impression of British life. is not Like we’re not for pomp and ceremony, so we’ll protect ourselves from stupidity with our PlayStations.

Aaron Benn

I’ll be digging into some more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor this weekend for my deal on single player, and a bit of Chivalry 2 with the boys for my multiplayer.

Jamie O’Neill

Four years before Bimmy, I watched Billy and Jimmy Lee make their way to becoming the kings of the arcade beat-em-up in 1987. 36 years later, after the announcement of Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons, I’ll be slowly elbowing my way back through the riddled arcade archives Double Dragon.

Khayl Adam

Well, I held off and bought Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, despite wanting to finish Dead Island 2, as was always going to happen. It’s really great so far, and I look forward to digging deeper!

Liam Croft

I’m about to start on the Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores, and I’m also playing the PS4 indie horror game The Tartars for review.

Sammy Barker

I just got used to the Genshin effect. Parts of the game feel bloated beyond belief, but I’m determined to hold on so I can enjoy future updates and events at a slightly less stressful pace.

Scott McCrae

This weekend I’m playing some Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and hopefully manage to beat it before then. Zelda.
and Metal Gear Solid for Game Boy Color.

Stephen Talby

I’ve played the first few hours of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which I’m really enjoying so far. However, Cal’s quest for more beards and hair is now on hold, as it’s time for me to come to grips with humanity. Review coming soon(ish)!

And that’s all from us! Of course, as always, we want to hear from you: what are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.


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