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When is Summer Game Fest Live?



Image: Push square

When is Summer Game Fest Live?? Every year, presenter and producer Geoff Keighley brings us Summer Game Fest, and the main event is a big, live presentation full of game announcements and updates. With the cancellation of E3, it has become the focal point of the summer season of gaming events. It will be worth watching – but when is it? In this guide, we’ve got all the details you need before the show begins.

When is Summer Game Fest Live?

What are the dates and times? Summer Game Fest Live? The showcase is scheduled to go live Thursday June 8, 2023. Below, we’ve outlined the opening times for each region:

  • North America: 12pm PDT / 1pm MDT / 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT
  • UK/Ireland: 8pm BST
  • Europe: 9pm CEST / 10pm EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 4am JST / 3am AWST / 5am AEST

Note: In Asia/Oceania, Summer Game Fest It will actually start in the early hours of Friday 9th June.

Where can you watch Summer Game Fest live?

Summer Game Fest 2023 will be broadcast live on YouTube And the twist, among other channels. We’ll also be hosting a live video feed here on Push Square — it’d be great if you could join us in a live chat!

If you miss the live showcase, don’t worry — we’ll share all relevant news and information on the site as soon as possible so you can catch up later.

How long is Summer Game Fest live?

of the Summer Game Fest The main show will last about two hours. This will be followed immediately by Day of the Devs, a separate, hour-long segment dedicated to indie games.

What games will be shown or announced at Summer Game Fest Live?

More than 40 publishers and developers are participating Summer Game Fest. The list includes names like PlayStation, Activision, EA, Square Enix, SEGA, and many more. Then again, there are plenty of games to be featured, but do we know anything special?

Well, we know a few things. Confirmed for the show:

It’s also heavily hinted that we’ll see more of P’s lies.

If we learn anything else before the show, we’ll add it here.

You are hyped to see Summer Game Fest Live? Did Geoff Keighley wow us in his sparkly trainers once again? Discuss in the comment section below.


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