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Will no one think of the children? UK to protect children from loot boxes



Kids will find it much harder to go on sugar-fuelled loot box binges in the future, as the UK games industry has agreed to a set. 11 guidelines Which should limit the little tykes’ access to the in-game loot box in order to progress.

The series has been launched by industry trade associations to “improve safety for children, young people and adults following concerns raised about loot boxes”. UKIEAnnouncing with co-CEO Daniel Wood: “Publishing these common principles for how the industry approaches loot boxes is a UK first and gives us a clear direction to move forward.”

Children under the age of 18 themselves will not be affected, as the first directive does not mince a word in its mandate: “Make technical controls available to effectively restrict anyone under the age of 18 from obtaining loot boxes, without the consent or knowledge of a parent, guardian or guardian.” A short version of all 11 instructions can be found below:

  1. Make technical controls available
  2. Create awareness of and adopt technology controls
  3. Create an expert panel on age trust in the sports industry
  4. Disclose the presence of loot boxes before making a purchase
  5. Give clear potential disclosures
  6. Design and present the loot box in a way that is easily understood
  7. Support the implementation of the Video Games Research Framework
  8. Continue to deal with unauthorized outside sales of items obtained from loot boxes
  9. Committed to generous refund policies
  10. Advance protection for all players
  11. Work with the UK Government and other relevant stakeholders to measure the effectiveness of these principles

The move appears to have been brewing for some time, with the UK government monitoring the situation since 2017. It was only last year that he really started to lean on the game companies, threatening that if they couldn’t handle the situation themselves, Big brother will be happy to assume direct control.

What do you think of UKIE’s 11-step plan to tackle the loot box crisis? Let us know in the comments section below.


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