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Winter is coming to an end! Resident Evil Village DLC will end the story of Ethan, Rose



To be fair, even the most committed Resident Evil fan wouldn’t put protagonist Ethan Winters on par with the likes of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Perhaps we don’t have quite the same connection to the character as both of his adventures, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village, have been first-person – and that could change when the latter’s new third-person perspective launches.

Anyway, the character’s story is coming to a conclusion. talked to IGN Japan, director Kento Kinoshita said that the upcoming Shadows of Rose expansion – featuring Ethan’s daughter – will “conclude the Winters family saga”. Now, you obviously can’t rule anything out when it comes to Resident Evil – but it looks like the plan is to wrap things up for now. That means the next new entry in the franchise could feature a familiar face — or a new one entirely.

Obviously, we’ll be getting a remake of Resident Evil 4 before then, and Resident Evil Village is getting full scale. PSVR2 Compatibility to boot. This means that Capcom has its hands full, and so it has nothing to share about the future of the series at this time. The good news is that Shadows of the Rose sounds like a must-have expansion, and you can of course read our impressions of the release here from a recent preview event.


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