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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s demo is out now on PS5



Team Ninja has released a time-limited demo on PS Store For Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, allows you to play until September 26, 2022 on PS5. While the game is still coming to PS4, the demo won’t be made available on Sony’s last-gen system. Beating the pre-release test will earn you the Crouching Dragon Helmet for use in the full game next year.

“The action-packed demo takes a glimpse into a dark Three Kingdoms world gone mad and the chaotic struggle to save a once-beloved land now overrun by demons,” a press release said. It has been said “Featuring ripped swordsmanship from Chinese martial arts, the demo showcases battle tactics and speed, as well as giving gamers a taste of in-game capabilities including online multiplayer, character creator, and vertical exploration and the importance of morale.”

A survey will be made available to those who participate in the demo, and completing it will reward you with a Wo Long-themed wallpaper. You will not need an active PS Plus Group membership with friends in the multiplayer portion of the demo. The full game is currently scheduled for release early next year for PS5, PS4.

Will you be taking the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo for a spin on PS5? Sharpen your blade in the comments below.


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