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WRC Generations Pumps the Brakes on PS5, PS4 Delayed to November



WRC Generations is the latest officially licensed rally sim, coming soon to PS5 and PS4 — though not as soon as we’d hoped. Today, publisher Nikon announced that it is delaying Racer’s console release by a few weeks.

Originally planned to launch on October 13, the game will now cross the finish line on November 3:

As the tweet says, this brings all the release dates into line with each other while giving KT Racing more time to polish those console ports. That’s just fine with us, as previous WRC games have come with some rough edges, so hopefully the final product will be just that little bit better with extra time.

In other rally game news, word on the street is that Next The WRC game, helmed by Codemaster, will feature a full car creation system that lets you build your own custom rally vehicle.

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