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Yes, you can play non-VR PS5 games with PSVR2’s cinematic mode



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For many real PSVR Owners, Cinematic Mode introduces a new alternative way to enjoy non-VR content on PS4. It works by placing you in a virtual space, and broadcasting any content on a giant screen in front of you. This feature will be enabled PSVR2However this will come with some familiar caveats due to the limitations of the technology.

Therefore, the output will be limited to 1920×1080, which is a big improvement over the original PSVR – but obviously less than the 4K image your television is producing. You’ll also benefit from HDR in PSVR2, which wasn’t available on the original headset. Overall, it’s a huge quality bump over the original PSVR, but the flaws are still there.

One thing to note is that the PSVR2 will be able to render up to Cinematic mode 120fps, so if you play compatible games, you won’t have to sacrifice frame rate just to experience them on Sony’s next-gen headset. There’s no mention of support for 3D movies, but Blu-rays will work – as will streaming applications, such as Netflix.

It’s worth adding that if you decide to enjoy non-VR content in PSVR2, there will be no output on your television screen. This means you probably won’t want to use a headset if you’re planning to enjoy something with friends and family – but obviously having a screen attached to your face is the opposite of sociable anyway. .

Will you be taking advantage of PSVR2’s cinematic mode at all? Get behind the goggles in the comments section below.


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