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You can also pet dogs and cats in Marvel’s Midnight Suns



Marvel’s Midnight Sun’s trophy list has revealed a very important mechanic that Firaxis Games has kept under wraps: you can raise both a dog and a cat at home base. Totally watchable exophase, you’ll get a bronze trophy for stroking a puppy named Charlie 15 days in a row, and then you’ll get another for causing some trouble to a cat named Ebony on four separate days. Now we see why Marvel’s Midnight Sons is rated so highly!

Looking at the full list of digital gongs, the platinum trophy seems totally achievable without any special requirements which makes our eyes widen. You must engage with everything the strategic title has to offer, from completing daily skirmish sessions with each superhero to upgrading the abbey grounds. We’re pretty sure that Charlie and Ebony will have the highest percentage of trophy completions related to the two pets.

We’ve yet to receive a PS5 review code so we can’t tell you ourselves if Marvel’s Midnight Suns is any good, but the verdicts based on the PC version came out yesterday and most of them are pretty glowing. “Along with Marvel’s Midnight Sons, Firaxis has placed itself in the league of RPG developers such as Bioware, Obsidian, Bethesda and Larian,” said. IGN. It’s out on PS5 tomorrow, with a PS4 version also planned to launch later.


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