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29-year-old actress dies after falling down stairs, parents donate daughter’s heart



Mumbai. Park Soo Ryun, actress of Snowdrop, has died: Actress Park Soo Ryun, who starred in South Korean television’s “Snowdrop,” has died in an accident. She is 29 years old. He died on June 11 after falling from the stairs. He was cremated on Monday and a condolence meeting was held for him on Tuesday, which is today. Park was immediately taken to hospital after falling down the stairs, where doctors pronounced him dead. Park Suu Kyi was brain dead. Park was doing theater with the television industry.

According to South Korean news portal Soompi, Park Soo Ryun Heart Donate’s family has decided to donate his organ. Park’s mother must have said, “Only he’s brain dead and his heart is still beating.” There must be someone who desperately needs organs. As parents, we will live with the thought that his heart has served someone and is beating.

Park Soo-ryun has starred in music videos and TV shows

Park Soo Ryun debuted in 2018 with “Il Tenor.” After that, he also worked on many music albums like “Finding Kim Jong Wook”, “Passing Through Love”, “Siddharth and The Day We Loved”. After working in “Snowdrop,” Park Soo Ryun recently uploaded several photos with the cast. In one of these photos, she was seen with Jur Re.

Park Soo-ryun expressed his gratitude to senior Jug Hye-in

Park Yoo Ryun shared the photo with the caption, “Sr. Jug Hye In, even though my role was very small, thank you for staying until the end and taking care of every student in the university! hope to meet you on another project.”

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