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A woman has made serious allegations against actor Warren Beatty, a case filed 49 years ago



New Delhi: A woman has filed a lawsuit against Warren Beatty, alleging that a Hollywood actor forced her to have sex with him in 1973, when she was 14 or 15. As reported by Variety, Christina Charlotte Hirsch filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday.

Hirsch now lives in Louisiana, USA. He said BT met him on the set of a movie, where he gave him the wrong attention and commented on his looks and gave him his phone number.

He claimed that Warren Beatty called him several times in 1973. Invited him to come to the hotel where he was staying and also took him for a drive. The complaint also states that Warren Beatty must have been around 35 at the time. He offered to help the woman with her household chores and repeatedly exploited her.

The complaint states that her status as an adult and Hollywood movie star was used to have sex with the complainant on several occasions. The complaint states that the woman believed she was in a romantic relationship with him. Christina Charlotte Hirsch is seeking compensation for causing mental and emotional pain. It is alleged in the lawsuit that after the sexual abuse, the woman found it difficult to talk to people. Let us tell you that Christina filed a lawsuit under California law in 2019.

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