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Actress was taking a dip in the pool, husband clicked photo, said – Good for my career



swimming pool at home A Hollywood actress was going to take a bath. Separate house, only husband and wife in the house, mountains and jungle outside…, no one to see in the distance, in such a situation, the mood of the actress became romantic. So she took off all her clothes and headed for the pool. But what is it, the husband came from behind with a camera…! Hey…re…re… what did he do…! The husband took such a photo of the wife of the actress, which would be very shameful. This is not a movie scene, but a reality. Yes, the story certainly comes from abroad, but the story is 100% true.

Those who watch the video secretly of their family members on mobile must be very interested in this story. But when you know the truth behind it, you’ll say… Hey man…! In fact, it is the story of the American actress Alexandra Dadrio, that is to say Alex. Alex is the only actress whose photo was clicked by her producer husband and shared on social media. Although the actress herself also shared these images on her social media accounts. The specialty of these viral pictures is that even after being completely naked, these photos of Alex don’t look obscene. The photo of the actress without clothes in the pool was taken in such a beautiful way that it’s hard to find fault with it. The natural view outside the picture is so beautiful that no one will be able to conjure up obscene thoughts even if they want to.

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There has been an uproar on the internet regarding this album by the Hollywood actress.

It’s good for my career…
Along with these images that have gone viral, actress Alexandra Dadrio has also called it important for her career. When the media asked about the objectionability of the photo, Alex said he was not opposed to film actresses and such images. On the allegation of displaying nudity through photographs, Dadrio said she might be considered a dork when it comes to acting, but loves acting. He said this photo is good for my career.

Over 29 lakh views in 4 days
But social networks are notorious for their sensationalism, so as soon as these photos of Alex were posted online, there was panic among Internet users. The photo of the American actress was uploaded in the last days of December, but within 3-4 days the number of people watching her on Instagram reached almost 3 million. More than 29 lakh people saw this picture in 4 days on Alexandra Dadrio’s Insta account and hit the like button. Call it now Alex’s popularity, his fan following or social media sensation, this photo remains in constant discussion.

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