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AFM According to Marketing Exec Mounia Wissinger



What I missed most when not attending film markets during the pandemic is …

Seeing people, meeting new people.

What I don’t miss about film markets is…

Having to get out of my pajamas for real-life meetings — bring back the party PJs!

What I’ve missed most about Los Angeles as a city is…

Coming from London, I miss the sunshine, but definitely not the traffic and the lines.

The biggest challenge working festivals and markets during the COVID era was …

Getting a read on the market, not being around other sales agents and not having a sense of
new projects as well as new trends.

The one place I have to visit when in LA is …

The Museum of Jurassic Technology in West LA — the strangest, weirdest, most comforting place in LA

The place I avoid during the market is …

The Loews pool.

The most AFM experience I’ve ever had is … ​

Getting stuck in traffic for three hours when it was supposed to be a 30-minute ride.

The one thing I won’t travel without (besides my phone) … ​

My earphones — I need music and podcasts at all times.

In LA, you should always …

Stop by Amoeba Music.​​​​

The craziest film title I’ve ever seen at AFM is …

Yet to be discovered, but it will probably involve a flesh-eating couch or a zombie mosquito invasion.

Edited for length and clarity.

This story first appeared in The News84Media’s Nov. 3 daily issues at the American Film Market.

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