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‘Babylon’ Trailer Sees Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt Get Tangled in Hollywood Debauchery



Margot Robbie makes a scene as a 1920s Hollywood bombshell actress in the latest trailer for Damien Chazelle’s Babylonwhich dropped on Monday.

“We are going to be more than they ever bargained for,” Robbie’s character declares at one point in the trailer to Diego Calva, who plays Manny Torres, a Latino character in Hollywood’s silent era.

Her sparkler-infused partying sits alongside Pitt’s character, a suave leading man, who when asked about his over-riding ambition in life answers that it is “to stand in the way of progress.”

The duo capture clashing perspectives between the “high art” version of Hollywood and the drugged-up debauchery-turned-depression of Robbie and Pitt’s realities, where they “make it on my terms, not theirs,” as Robbie’s character professes.

Written by Chazelle, Babylon portrays the movie industry’s transition from silent films to talkies as it explores the rise and fall of multiple characters and has been described as “The Great Gatsby on steroids.”

The early roots of Hollywood — hard-partying, drug-taking chaos — are captured amid a frenetic big band soundtrack and appearances in the trailer for an alligator on a leash, topless women, Pitt fending off fans and falling off a balcony in his underwear. .

“And, I’m going to bed,” Pitt’s character says with a bow after rising from a swimming pool seemingly unharmed. The film’s ensemble cast includes Jovan Adepo, Jean Smart, Olivia Wilde and Samara Weaving.

The massive ensemble also features Li Jun Li, Jean Smart, Tobey Maguire, Olivia Wilde and Max Minghella, among others.

Babylon is set for a Dec. 23 wide release. Paramount previously planned an opening in select theaters Dec. 25 before expanding nationwide on Jan. 6.

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