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Batman: Kevin Conroy dies of cancer, the voice of “Batman” has been given in many series and animated films



Mumbai. Actor and voice-over artist Kevin Conroy has passed away. He was fighting a battle with cancer. He voiced “Batman” in many animated series and films. His death was announced to fans by Diane Pershing, co-artist of “Batman: The Animated Series”. After that, Warner Bros. Animation has confirmed Kevin’s death. He passed away after a short battle with cancer. In a statement released by Warner Bros., Mark Hamill said Kevin was a complete man. He used to raise people’s enthusiasm.

Mark Hamill has voiced Kevin Conroy’s opposite Joker in several “Batman” series and movies. He said: “Kevin was a complete man. He was one of my favorite people in this world and I loved him like a brother. He really cared about the people around him. His decency was reflected in everything. he was doing. Every time I saw him or talked to him, I was excited.”

Marc Hamil

Mark Hamill shared a photo with Kevin. (Photo credits: Twitter)

Earlier, Mark Hamill shared a photo with Kevin Conroy on Twitter and wrote, “Saddened by the passing of a great actor. I can’t express it in words. I respect them. I consider him my brother .RIP Kevin Conroy.” He also included a broken heart in his tweet.

Paul Didi Tribute to Kevin Conroy

Writer Paul Diddy pays tribute to Kevin. (Photo credits: Twitter)

Paul Dini, the author of “Batman: The Animated Series,” which catapulted Kevin Conroy to stardom, also paid tribute to the late actor by sharing a photo of Batman from the show on Twitter. Paul retweeted a photo of American casting director Andrea Romano and Kevin shared by a fanpage and thanked those who paid tribute.

Let us tell you that Kevin Conroy gave voice to the animated series ‘Batman’ for the first time in 1992. This series is considered as one of the best animated series of all time. His voice made “Batman” very popular even among children.

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