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Britney Spears was also watched in the bathroom-changing room, surprising revelation on security!



popular Singer Britney Spears has once again expressed her displeasure with her guardianship and the One Time Management team and expressed her anger on social media. Grammy Award-winning Britney reveals how her castmates have treated her for 14 years. Even alleged that his security saw him naked in his own home. Security watched him even when he changed clothes and took a bath.

Britney Spears also said Jennifer Lopez would never be treated the way she was. On Monday, Britney, 40, used her Instagram handle to mention the incident when she tried to reveal that other musicians wouldn’t be treated the same way, using Lopez as an example in the post that was done.

Britney Spears wrote, “I wish someone would ask Jennifer Lopez to sit down eight hours a day, seven days a week… without a car. I want to see a management team tell Jennifer Lopez what I lived… what do you think she would do… Her family would never allow that.

Britney Spears further wrote that her longtime security team was instructed to stay indoors. His privacy was also over, he had to keep the bedroom doors open. Security was able to see him naked and bathing. Britney revealed in the post, “I’ve been denied what I wanted for 14 years…it was a waste of time for me…”

britney spears post

Post by Britney Spears, which she later deleted. (Photo credits: Reddit)

Britney Spears further wrote, “But that wasn’t the worst…the worst part was my family locked me in this place for four months.” However, Britney has now deleted her post from Instagram. It was around this time that Brittany had gone off her meds and got her drug addicted to lithium. For this reason, he was expelled from the industry. He was advised to rest at home.

Suffice to say that after having behaved erratically from February 1, 2008, Britney was involuntarily monitored under guardianship by her father, Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew M Wallet. Almost 14 years later, in November 2021, a judge ordered the end of his surveillance.

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